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Mobile Phones/PDAs


The MEDALmusic Composer is exactly what the wireless generation needs: the ability to play fully interactive music that is always fresh, always different. It's well suited for the emerging wireless gaming and polyphonic ring tone markets where continuously looped music and static ring tones are now considered "old technology."

Imagine playing a highly interactive game on your mobile device and having the music change depending on the circumstances of your gaming experience. Chances are you'd never hear the same music twice!

Consider the possibilities of making unique musical ring tones in any style, with a wide choice of instruments or compositions.

Enhance your wireless experience. Real-time, interactive music. Real entertainment.



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Toys - The biggest problem with musical interactive toys is that all too quickly they become "inactive". After hour of use, the child has explored all the interactive aspects of the toy or game--they know what to expect; they are no longer curious.

The MEDALmusic Composer makes sure the music is never repetitive. Every time the child plays with the toy or game, the music changes and evolves into new satisfying melodies tied to very specific cues. Time, date, temperature, noise level, touch--almost any input imaginable.

The MEDALmusic Composer also enables creative composition and music creation. With MEDAL's music manipulation capabilities, it’s possible to offer instant music morphing and manipulation limited only by the creative imagination of the child.

Take interactivity to a wondrous new level. And help your child understand the magic of composing music at the same time.


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Video Games

video games

Video games should be about enticing story lines, killer graphics, and sizzling audio tracks. But how many times have you muted the audio because it became too repetitive, too monotonous?

What if the music was different every time the game was played? What if each gamer had a completely different audio experience based on their own listening preferences? Pretty exciting "what ifs."

The MEDALmusic Composer is a musical interface that offers additional audio capabilities than were previously thought possible. The MEDALmusic Composer's instant music composition engine can react instantaneously to many gamer inputs. It can change music type, style, tempo, key, instrument or any attribute of the audio track in real time, reacting to the fine interactive elements of the most challenging gaming environment. With the MEDALmusic Composer, the audio track can automatically morph as the game progresses, without the repetitious sound of repeating or looped music! Like we said, exciting.

Revolutionize your total gaming environment. Enjoy your favorite game the way it was intended--each time you turn it on. Play it again for the first time.


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The problem with embedding interactive music capabilities into any operating system or client hardware is that after repeated uses, the music becomes repetitive and monotonous. Often times, the music library is limited, using looped music or an insufficient number of songs. Keeping the music fresh is a complex problem, as transferring compressed music files is entirely dependent on connectivity and download times--something that can never be relied upon.

The MEDALmusic Composer offers an entirely new way to power interactive music. Each piece of music it creates is different than the previous, thus ending repetitious, monotonous music. Adding new music styles to the MEDALmusic Composer is a breeze because instead of downloading entire songs, all you need to send are a few bytes of information that describe the characteristics of a particular type of music. The MEDALmusic Composer takes this input and automatically creates literally thousands of variations of the music theme.

The same MEDALmusic Composer can be configured to operate differently, depending on the specific application requirements. It can create musical feedback for many operating system interactions and can also be used to create fresh music soundtracks for video editing. The only real limitation on MEDALmusic's integration possibilities is your imagination.

Discover a powerful, new way to integrate music into your interactive experience. Small engine, new and fresh compositions. You'll wonder why it wasn't invented sooner.


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Ambient Music


Ambient music in any public or private space is used to create a warmth, a mood or an atmosphere that evokes a specific emotional response. The purpose of the emotional mood message can vary depending on the location (retail outlets, restaurants, gathering and waiting areas) and on the exact type of emotional response desired.

The MEDALmusic Composer offers a myriad of ways to enhance and strengthen mood messages by offering the flexibility to alter musical styles, types, and moods instantaneously, making it especially well suited to react in real time to constantly changing events. Music played in the early hours of the day needs to differ from that of the evening because the clientele are not the same. It can be played during high sale periods or when the weather outside is gloomy--both variables that until now had not been incorporated into mood message music.

Create a more enjoyable leisure time. The music is a message. Let it carry you away.


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Video Editing

Video editing

With the advent of powerful, easy to use digital still and full motion photography equipment, more and more enthusiasts are creating their own movies and slide shows for business and pleasure. Adding music to these productions enhances the experience, taking it from visual ho-hum to multimedia wow. The problem is that integrating audio with video is a tiresome task.

The MEDALmusic Composer gives you the unique ability to create sound tracks that can be easily tailored to match any length of video or any number of still images. Creating unique moods with different compositions is instantaneous with the ability to fine-tune the music style, instrument set, tempo, even matching the downbeats or key changes to events portrayed in the image stream.

With a highly versatile, scalable, creative interface, the unlimited potential of integrating the MEDALmusic Composer into existing video editing software packages is bound only by your imagination.

Put your video in a whole new light. Pictures say a thousand words. MEDALmusic says a million.


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Ever trudged through a myriad of telephone voice prompts and key presses trying to speak with a live human on the other end of the phone line? Minutes seem like hours as you wait on hold, listening to repetitive music, waiting in cue for the next prompt or connection. Isn't there a better way?

Imagine having the ability to listen to the music styles you want, changing certain music on hold characteristics in real time'and having real fun. Minutes melt to seconds.

The MEDALmusic Composer's real time composition capabilities enable instant reaction and feedback, allowing the on hold customer to create their own custom musical compositions. The interface can be as easy as controlling the composition through the voice prompts, key presses, or via MEDALmusic's random music generator.

MEDALmusic is a powerful ally for the music-on-hold industry with its instant music composition capabilities. It offers virtually unlimited music options that can be tailored to specific company’s tastes, wait times, and type or purpose of the phone call.

Turn music-on-hold into something you look forward to hearing. The wait is over.


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Music Creation Tools


Original music creation is a combination of extreme talent and a bit of black art. Each piece of original music is scored to match the emotion, the sentiments, and the mood of the message the music is meant to convey. The end result of this process is a harmonious, creative, fresh, and innovative musical composition. Often times, though, high quality music is needed, and the talents of a musical genius are not available or affordable. Imagine being able to create new music based on a set of established music theories, all with a very simple interface that doesn't require a music background to make fresh, new compositions!

Making new music for high-volume, low-overhead applications has never been easier! With MEDALmusic Composer, creating a score can be as simple as pressing two buttons or can be as complex as controlling virtually every aspect of the music creation process. It's all at your whim. Instantly build full compositions from a reference file based on a specific musical style. The MEDALmusic Composer then creates new compositions in tenths of a millisecond, with the ability to alter the length, instrument set, key, or tempo--all in real time interaction.

With the MEDALmusic Composer's small footprint, integrating it into your application is simple. The interface can match your existing look and feel, offering a seamless, entertaining experience.

Harness the power of interactive music in your creation software. Be your own musical genius.

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